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SZA's NEW Hair On INsta

RnB singer SZA has always been a fan of big, natural looking waves, but recently she has opted for a smoother, more sleek style with her wigs. A look through her instagram posts shows some adventurous hair to match her colorful outfits. For example, this blue look she captioned, “Smurfette” followed by a string of emojis, where she sports a neon blue straight wig with a side bang styled by @hairassasin. In his post of this hair look, the caption says it was a "Late night studio glam glue-less unit". Instead of glue, you can just use Weave Aide’s Bouncy Curl Styling Foam at your edges to attach the lace with your hairline. The lightweight formula is a better alternative to glue that can help you achieve the perfect melting method.

In another post, she shoots a mirror selfie while wearing a red wig, cut with some framing layers looking effortlessly beautiful. This can be achieved by using Weave Aide’s Perfect Polisher. Spray your heat-safe synthetic wig with the Polisher before styling it with a straight iron. This will not only protect the wig and make it last longer but provide that silky sheen that is very in right now.

Remember, when wearing colorful styles, be mindful of the other colors you have on. Whether in your makeup or outfit, try to not have the colors clash, so your hair will be the main standpoint. This is the key to make the wig pop and achieve that trendy look with ease.

Whether trying to melt your lace or polish your wig, Swing It Inc products can help make your colorful hair look flawless and effortless for that perfect night out or important event. Head to our website to purchase these products and more!


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