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The Bixie Cut: Summer Trends

The “Bixie cut” has been a trending style for this summer. A Bixie cut is a mixture of a bob and pixie cut. Since the style is longer than a pixie cut but shorter than a bob, it is the perfect in-between for those who want short hair but not too short, almost giving an effortless grown-out look.

The hairstyle is very 90’s inspired. For a throwback, a few celebrities who have worn these styles include Winona Ryder, Cameron Diaz, and Halle Berry.

For that spikey look that looks like Halle Berry’s iconic layered Bixie, you can use Weave Aide’s Freeze Super Hold Gel to make sure that the ends are sealed and won’t budge. Especially for holding those extra wispy curls and to highlight the layers. Layered hair is also a trending style since it allows the hair to breathe and move around much easier. If you're wearing a wig or extensions, the shorter and more layered the hair the better to avoid sweating. Especially in the sun and after exercising. And if you do experience any sweating, you can use Weave Aide’s Matte-Free Shampoo and New Life Conditioner to cleanse and soothe your scalp and remove any extra product on your sew-in extensions to extend their wear.

For the straight Bixie style like Winona Ryder, you can buy a short lace front wig which allows you freedom to part it, cut it, and style it however you want. To keep your wigs from tangling, use Weave Aide’s Easy Brush Conditioning Detangler. Just gently spray it onto the hair before combing through with a wig brush or wide toothed comb. This will remove any knots making it much easier to style and also prevent any hairs from splitting or breaking, which will make the wig last longer and look good as new.

Whether its your hair, a wig, or a weave, Swing It Inc products can make you not only look fresh but feel healthy.


Guest Writer for Swing It Inc. Catherine Mu

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