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Doja Cat’s Hair Stylist JStayReady

Pop-star Doja Cat is not afraid to wear some wild hairstyles. A recent complex interview with her hairstylist, JStayReady comments on the hair and makeup choices of her most iconic looks. From her red carpet appearances to her music videos, the singer has always expressed her creative and fun personality through colorful wigs and daring outfits. Her hair constantly changes, but JStayReady makes sure to keep her natural hair healthy. After all the wigs she had on for Coachella, Doja was ready to go all natural for the Billboard Music Awards red carpet. J asserts that he is “a healthy hair advocate”. So, they went with a simple high ponytail with a natural hairline and baby hairs for this event.

To achieve this look, you can use our Straight Edge Pomade to make sure your hair stays put and to style your edges. Use an edge comb or small brush and dip it into the pomade and use a swooping motion to get the slicked back look.

Weave Aide’s Matte-Free Shampoo and New Life Conditioner can help transition your hair from wearing a wig to going natural by removing any buildup, tangles, and knots. It is super important to maintain your natural hair while wearing wigs or extensions.

In her most drastic hair choice yet, Doja has decided to shave her head and eyebrows completely off. All while live streaming on Instagram. This has given her a lot of freedom with her makeup and outfit choices. Her hairstylist is supportive of this decision, as she is focusing on working out and exercising more. This goes to show how important it is to make the best hair choices for your lifestyle.

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