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The Wigs of Bridgerton

By Guest Writers for Swing It Inc

Mitzi Munoz and Catherine Mu

Hit historical romance Netflix series, “Bridgerton” is executive produced by Grey's Anatomy creator, Shonda Rhimes. Her creative decision was to have a color-blind cast, with both black and white actors playing these regency high society roles. Most notably, Queen Charlotte, who is the queen of Great Britain and has the most power over these families. Every coupling season, she chooses a “diamond”, someone who is the most valuable suitor who flocks the attention of all the possible matches.

Charlotte is played by Golda Rosheuvel, a Guyunese-actress. Every appearance she makes she is dressed to the nines, with a new lavish wig that could almost reach the sky. While some are the classic power white and gray that is akin to the time period, other wigs pay respect to afro-centric hair, from natural curls to thick dreads. These wigs were created to match her equally extravagant jewelry and out-fit. Erika Ökvist, the hair and makeup artist for the show said in a Marie Claire interview that she made sure that Rosheuvel’s hair was protected before putting on the wig. After nourishing her hair with curl cream, she used an edge control product to cornrow the hair before putting on the wig cap.

Swing It Inc offers many different products that can help with this. Weave Aide’s Straight Edge Pomade is specially formulated to seal in your braids so that you can install your wig or weave. Our Bouncy Curl Styling Foam can also set the braids. No matter how tall your hair is gonna be, Swing It Inc can help you achieve the ultimate royal look or quick everyday style.


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