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Say Goodbye to Karol G's Electric Blue Hair

Karol G is a 31-year-old Columbian reggaeton singer. She has had songs of hers on Billboards Global Top 200s List and is recognized for being the first woman to have a Latin song gain 1 billion streams on Spotify. Karol G has been an inspiration and success in the music industry and has become well recognized for her blue hair.

Blue Wigs at Coachella 2022

This year Karol G performed at Coachella for the first time in her career. Performing well-known Lattin American songs and bringing out special guests such as J Balvn and Becky G. Karol G’s team surprised her fans with blue wigs. Creating a crowd of blue wigs.

The Blue Will Co11cecbme To An End

Karol G’s blue hair is not a wig but rather her own natural hair, she first dyed it back in 2020. It was a vast shift that gained attention. In her previous tour her Bichota Tour, Many of her fans started showing up in blue synthetic hair at her concerts or naturally blue dyed hair. It can be tough to maintain a wig, especially your natural hair, you can check out our products to have that wig looking good as new.

In an interview with Young Hollywood, Karol G said “I’m ready to change it, but I’m still on tour. I think people from different places want to see the blue-era Karol G. I think I’m going to finish the tour, and I’m going to change it. I’m ready.” Karol G also mentioned she has been trying on wigs to determine what change she will be doing to her hair. Always remember to use Weave Aide products to keep your wig looking brand new.

Goodbye Blue Hair

We knew the time would come but we did not expect it to be this soon. This past weekend, Karol G posted on her story mentioning she is saying goodbye to her blue hair, she went on a trip with her friends, was a surprised guest a Tomorrowland and she mentioned to us she no longer has blue hair. This was a very emotional time not only for her but her fans who did not expect this change to come sooner than she had said.

What is the new color?

In an Instagram post, Karol G reveals her new hair color, a bright red!


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