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What is a heat-friendly wig?

A heat-friendly wig (is what type of fibers?) allows you to be more flexible with your hairstyles. With the ability to handle the heat that a regular synthetic wig is not cable of. This type of hair gives you the opportunity to use hair products that you may use on your natural hair.

How Do Heat-Friendly Wigs Work

Heat-friendly wigs provide a level of flexibility to your hairstyles not achievable with standard synthetic

units. They are designed to withstand heat better than ordinary hair and maintain their color in

temperatures from 270° - 280° F, allowing you the freedom to use all manner of styling products on

them as you would on your natural locks. Perfect for those seeking more creative options, these resilient

fibers offer an economical solution for achieving stunning looks without sacrificing durability or quality.

Always use Perfect Polisher to extend the life of the hair too!

Ways To Style

With a heat-friendly wig, you have more freedom when it comes to styling it. Always make sure you are using the lowest heat on your synthetic wig to avoid burning the fiber and damaging the wig. Prepare your wig with our Weave Aide Perfect Polisher. This will form a barrier to protect from heat. With a wig comb gently brush your wig to remove any tangles so it is easier to straighten and curl your wig. In the process of applying heat make sure to wait until the fiber is cooled down so it can keep its shape.

Where To Buy

Head to your local beauty supply shop and ask if they have heat-resistant wigs. Or you can also go online and purchase from some popular brands such as The Wig Company, Wigs, and Paula Young.

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