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How To Recycle and Repurpose Your Hair

We will show you different ways to recycle your hair without having it go to waste. Why spend a fortune on new extensions when you can reinvent your current hair in exciting ways? From changing the color to altering the length, here are a few options that are sure to inspire your next hair transformation.

1. Color Your Hair

You can repurpose your hair by changing the color of it. Why purchase new extensions when you can color or bleach hair you already have? Be creative and color it pink, add highlights or turn it blonde. Ensure the hair you color is high quality, to prevent any damage.

2. Change The Length

Do not be afraid to grab your scissors and give your hair a slight trim. If you are tired of your long hair and want it to be shorter, cut it. It is a simple and quick way to change the style of your hair for a more trendy look.

3. Clip-In Hair Extensions

Hair clip-ins can be inserted into the hair in just a few minutes and can give a highlight effect to your hair.

4. Mix Different Tracks/Hair Extensions

Revamp your hairdo with an exciting twist by using leftover hair tracks you've previously purchased. Combine them to create a unique and trendy highlight look that's sure to set you apart. Don't let unused hair extensions/tracks go to waste - mix them up and take your hairstyle to the next level!

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