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What the public is saying about swing it inc.

Guest Writer From Swing It Inc

- Mitzi Munoz

About Swing it Inc

Swing It Inc is a new quality-based hair care line formulated for Wigs, Weaves, Braids, Locs, Hair Extensions, and Natural styles too! The brand currently consists of four collections. Gray Coverage, Weave Aide, Distinctive, and Wig It. All products are aimed to help extend the life of synthetic or human hair. The brand's top three sellers are their Wig It Detangler, Weave Aide Bouncy Curl Styling Foam, and Weave Aide Perfect Polisher.

What the Consumers are Saying

We spoke to Ada from La Bella Beauty Supply in East Harlem, NYC. She talked to us about how she uses the product and how much customers love the brand's products. Ada says customers always go back to the store and give good feedback on the products. Two of her favorite products are the Bouncy Curl Styling Foam and Perfect Polisher!

How Good Is It?

You can find Swing It Inc. products on Amazon, local beauty shops across New York City, and of course, their main website. On Amazon, the most well-reviewed product is the Easy Brush Conditioning Detangler with 4.7 out of 5 ratings. The Bouncy Foam Styling Foam has 4.5 out of 5 ratings, one customer says "Amazing product! The best curling foam ever. I tried other brands but this is good. Curls hair fast with out the stiffness" Some of the consumer's reviews on Google are also leaving positive comments, customers are saying things such as "The Distinctiv line has a product called Nourishing Elixir to my surprise "my hair received a great amount of moisturize and shine when I used it", another customer says "I love their product! It keeps my braids fresh and clean, the package is beautiful, it's affordable and it's a black female-owned company!!!"

Now that you know a little about Swing It Inc, will you be including their products in your hair care routine? Make sure to take a look at their website if you are interested in any of the products mentioned or just want to take a look around!



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