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Four ways to keep your wig & weave tight this holiday season.

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Another holiday gift idea from Yvette, Creator of Weave Aide and Wig It.

As a wig and weave wearer holiday glam with great hairstyling makes you stand out while attending all those VIP parties. If this is you, then my Weave Aide line of hair products should be on your radar. You can keep your weave or lace front wig low-key or add some spice to your apple pie with an over-the-top or trendy look. It’s all about your preferences. Either way, you need the right products to keep your hair tight and that’s where Weave Aide and Wig It comes in handy.

With the holiday season in full swing, you want to be on point so that you look and feel good, but also just in case you find yourself surrounded by shady family and friends who love to gossip. Don’t get caught out there wearing a busted wig or weave that looks frayed, tangled, matted or sheds.

Here are three easy and simple ways to keep your protective style looking brand new every day of the week.

1) Spray my Virgin Hair Leave-in Smoothing Treatment over your entire hair. Its moisturizing ingredients will let you feel the difference in your hair being revitalized. The extra smoothing effect will help you to form your curl into any kind of up-dos.

2) For hot curls, spray a little of Perfect Polisher on each section that you are going to use a curling iron on. This will help to protect the hair from the heat and it ensures a shiny smooth curl as well. Become inspired to create a new style that attracts the inner you.

3) Look at new fall hair trends whether your hair is shaved on one side and you add hair extensions to create an up-do hair bun or switch it up to create a sleek ponytail. You are the boss! Freeze Gel will give you all the hold you need too.

4) If you are rocking a synthetic wig? You may also want to try my Wig It Product Leave in conditioner. It's amazing moisture will protect the synthetic fibers from matting and tangling. All Wig It products keep your hair feeling and looking brand new!


Once again, my Weave Aide line and Wig It has a range of products geared toward keeping wigs, weaves and hair extensions on point. Follow and subscribe to my blog for more tips and tricks on how to take care of your hair.

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