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Swing It Inc. Weave & wig Care Products

About Swing It Inc.

Swing It Inc is a black-owned business devoted to giving women the power to define their own beauty.

Through innovative hair care formulations that meet all synthetic and human hair needs, they enable

any woman who chooses them.– spanning four different lines including Weave Aide, Wig It,

Gray Coverage and Distinctiv - achieve perfect tresses for wigs, weaves, braids, locs, extensions, or natural

styles too. The hardworking formulas guarantee long-lasting hairstyles; lay down baby hairs smoothly;

keep wigs in place longer than usual...paying homage to the company values of consistency,

quality, and self-worth at every turn


How To Use

We offer new quality-based hair care lines specifically formulated for wigs, weaves, braids, locks, hair extensions, and natural styles. Swing It Inc. products can help lay down your baby hairs, help maintain your wig for longer periods of time, and help your hairstyles stay put all day long. The brand even offers products that can be used to cover up any gray hairs.

Where To Find Swing It Inc Products

To purchase Swing It Inc products head to our website! You can also check out your local beauty salons. If you live in New York City, you are in great luck as many beauty supply stores in the city carry our products. Here is a list of stores where you can find Swing It Inc products available all across the U.S.


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