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Merry Christmas With Swing It Inc.

We hope you spend this Christmas surrounded by family, friends and loved

ones. When shopping for gifts to put under the tree or as a stocking stuffer, keep our products in mind when shopping for your mom, sister, or whoever is close to you that wears wigs, weaves or protective styles. Our Pre-Pack sets make the perfect gift for anyone. They come with three, five, and up to six products to satisfy all your hair needs. The Weave Aide packs are perfect for beginners or even seasoned hair veterans who are looking for a collection to use with their new hair they might also be gifted this holiday season. If you order these sets online you can get 15% off these sets at checkout with the code: GIFT15. Furthermore, since we are feeling extra generous this year, you can get 25% off your entire online order if you spend more than 60 dollars with code: GIFT25. This code becomes active on Christmas Eve. We hope you feel our holiday spirit with these amazing offers and they will make gift shopping an easier and more pleasant experience!

written by Catherine Mu, Guest Writer for Swing It Inc.

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