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magical styling techniques

There's nothing in the world like a sleek ponytail with beautifully laid edges. Doesn't matter

if you're going for casual or all out glam, a ponytail always gives you an elegant completed look. Some women, due to traction alopecia or perhaps general hair loss, may however feel insecure about styling their hair in a ponytail.

Recently, l came across a video where a sister with thin edges demonstrated a technique that women who may also feel a bit uncomfortable with wearing their hair styled in a ponytail can try.

She began by cutting straight Yaky hair, (hair you can purchase from your local beauty supply store) from the weft and intricately placing it on her edges using mousse.

When she was finished, it looked so realistic as though the hair was coming from her scalp. You too can try this innovative, cool technique using the Weave Aid Bouncy Curly Styling Foam. The light, soft texture of this mousse easily glides onto the hair for a smooth yet firm hold. You can also complete your look with their Perfect Polisher for that glossy fresh-out-the-salon dernier cri. So, the next time you're looking for a new styling technique to help your edges appear a little fuller, check out this video; and always remember, beauty inside out.

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