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How weave aide works for your edges using the wig melting method.

You may have noticed, talk about the Melting Method all over social media. There are lots of Tik Tok and YouTube videos coming in hot featuring various perspectives about the best way to make a lace wig look undetectable, meaning that your hairline looks as though you just rolled out of bed with edges like Chilli from TLC (yup, that’s a throwback reference, but she is the queen of laid edges). However, don’t try the Melting Method without tapping into the Weave Aide line of products.

The desire to make your hairline look as natural as possible in a lace front is understandable, but what no one tells you is the unavoidable truth, which is that using lace glue, which is popular for this method, pulls out your hairline. Thankfully, you don't need to subject your edges to abuses of lace glue any longer to achieve the look you desire because you can look to the Weave Aide hair care line for reprieve. My favorite product from Weave Aide for laid edges is mousse. My Bouncy Curl Styling Foam can be used instead of lace glue to achieve that hair growing from your scalp look. The texture is soft and glides on perfectly to the edges of the lace, which is crucial in achieving a natural finish. This product does so without being sticky, and well, quite honestly, gross.

For that natural edge finish, cut the amount of baby hair you want (don’t go crazy, it's becoming a pandemic in itself), apply a small dab of pomade, my personal choice is Straight Edge Pomade -- also from the Weave Aide line, along with an edge brush -- then go over it with their Bouncy Curl Styling Foam. Lastly, style your edges, and tie it down with a scarf. To speed things up (because we could all save some time) use a blow dryer on a low heat setting. Most important to me, are products that promote healthy hair and that's why I love the Weave Aide line, the products aren't harsh and leave your hair silky. So, now your wig is on and your edges look natural and beautiful, but always remember, beauty from the inside out first and foremost. Amazing tips from our influencer Khadija Haynes.

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