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The life of your Brazilian Wet and Wavy is all about that Weave Aide. Let me explain.

There is nothing worse than spending a heap of money on your tresses only for them to look like a ball of yarn by the end of the week. That’s where Weave Aide comes in. Weave Aide is a line of twenty products geared toward maintaining your braids, Faux Locs, Weaves and Hair Extensions, including my two favorites: Easy Brush Conditioning Detangler and the Virgin Hair Leave-in Smoothing Treatment. Think of these products as a defense against a busted weave.

Getting a fresh weave only for it to look dry and matted over a quick period of time is frustrating and a waste of money. Truth is, if you want to keep your hair looking brand new for longer than a few days, then you need to invest in the right products to maintain your hair. You want to keep your hair clean, sleep in a satin scarf or bonnet, and moisturize. My Easy Brush Conditioning Detangler and the Virgin Hair Leave-in Smoothing Treatment do the trick when it comes to moisture. Apply daily, style as desired, and you’re good to go.

So, the next time you purchase bundles, hair extensions, or even a synthetic wig, remember that my Weave Aide products are imperative to maintaining the lifespan and softness of your hair. Beauty is inside and out, and you know what they say: “If you look good, then you’ll feel good” so keep those quality products on deck as part of your hair maintenance routine.

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