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How to Wash your Wig!

What you will need

Steps On How To Wash Your Synthetic Wig

Step 1 Prep

Start off by brushing the tangles and knots out of your wig with a wig brush. Start combing from the bottom of the wig and build your way upwards.

Step 2 Rinse

Pour lukewarm water until the hair is completely saturated

Step 3 Shampoo

Add a quarter size of Weave Aide Matte-Free Shampoo to the hands. Gently create a lather in your hands then run your fingers through the wig to get the product all throughout the hairs. Do not scrub the wig that can cause matting and tangling. Then clean the cap of the wig with a little more force. Once you are done, rinse.

Step 4 Condition

In a new clean bowl add cool water. Dip in your wig and add Weave Aide - New life conditioner With your fingers, gently run the product through the hair. Once finished, rinse.

Step 5 Dry

Remove your wig from the bowl and squeeze excess water from the hair. Blot it dry to avoid tangles. Place your wig on a wig stand apply a leave-in conditioner then brush the hair from bottom to top.

How often should you wash your synthetic wig?

Washing your wig depends on how often you wear your wig. Although it is recommended to wash it after 10-20 wears. or once every 2 to 3 weeks. Avoid washing your wig too often to avoid dryness.


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