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How To Apply An Undetectable Lace Front Wig In 3 Steps

When you first purchase your lace front wig, you will notice the scalp area seems unrealistic. To make your wig look more perfect and with a natural appearance, follow these 3 steps on how you can improve your wig.

Step: 1

First, you will need to find the right concealer that matches your complexion to guarantee a proper blend. You will add this product underneath the wig right where the part section is. Then spread the product across the lace of the wig. Finally, you will turn the wig around, take your comb and run it through the parting to spread the product and give it that natural look.

Step 2

Once your wig is all blended and covered, smooth the top part of the wig with our Perfect Polisher. Take the polisher and spray the top part of the wig, right on the parting. This will help to remove any product from the hair as well as give it a more natural look.

Step 3

Finally, use our Weave Aide Styling Foam to lay down any fly-a-aways and frizz. Apply a bit of the Bouncy Curly Styling Foam on top of the wig and evenly spread it downwards.

By following these three easy steps, your wig will look so natural that no one will be able to tell you're even wearing one!

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