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First Time Buying a Wig

Recently, my friend and I went to a beauty supply store to buy her first wig. With no previous experience with wearing wigs, we went in completely blind. The wig assistant there said that she could only try on three wigs. The synthetic wigs were less expensive, and since it was her first wig, the worker advised to start with synthetic rather than human hair. We ended up picking a blonde shoulder length bob, a long copper wig with bangs, and a super curly black wig. She ended up liking the bob the best, and the assistant there advised that the shorter length was not only good for the summer, but the best for her jawline and face shape. She purchased the bob in a different color, 1B-Dark natural brown since the black color was a little to dark for her. It was also a 13x6 Lace Front, which is very popular right now since there is freedom to part the hair any way. Since we were beginners, the assistant kindly offered to install the wig in the store.

After the assistant trimmed the lace, she used the Distinctiv Mega Grip Super Hold Edge Gel on my friend's edges to help smooth her hair back.

They brushed her hair into a bun and put on the wig cap.

Then, clipped in the wig, adjusting the band in the back for her head. After parting the wig in a middle part, the assistant used Weave Aide’s Bouncy Style Curling Foam to set the hair in place. She first applied in her hands and placed it on the brush, as well as directly onto the hair. Then after combing the hair, she was done.

This experience was very fun and interesting, and my friend is very excited to put on her wig whenever she wants that straight bob style. She also got some other products to help her install the wig such as an edge comb, Weave Aide’s Easy Brush Conditioning Detangler, as well as the Tresse’ Pic to help relieve her itchiness whenever she braids her hair or to help lift and loosen her wig if it is too tight. Whether you’re a beginner with wigs or very experienced, Swing It Inc products can help satisfy any of your hair needs.

Note: The store was Wigs and Plus on 14th St. in NYC and we were assisted by Joy.

Writer for this article for Swing It Inc is Catherine Mu

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