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How To Maintain Wet and Wavy Hair!

How To Prevent Matting and Tangling

A simple way to prevent tangling is by brushing your hair with a wig brush. Start brushing from the bottom and upwards. We also recommend using products that do not contain any sulfate if you have a human hair wig. It can be damaging and cause dryness. To prevent matting make sure your hair is being properly moisturized. We recommend using our Virgin Hair Leave in Smoothing Treatment.

How To Keep Wet and Wavy Hair Moisturized

If your wig, weave, or hair extensions are looking a bit dry and frizzy plus a little out of shape it may be time to moisturize it. You can bring it back to life by spraying a bit of water and Weave Aide's Leave-In Conditioner combined that can help to bring the bounce back to your hair while providing amazing moisture and shine.

Holding Up Your Wet and Wavy Hair For The Night

To keep your wet and wavy hair from tangling and damaging overnight, cover up your hair. You can tie it up into a bun and cover it up with a scarf or bonnet. You can also try sleeping with a satin pillowcase.

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