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How To Maintain Box Braids - 5 Tips

Tip #1 Moisturize

If you want to keep your braids looking fresh all the time. It is important to moisturize them. It will help them preserve their shape and have less frizz. We recommend you to use our Weave Aide Straight Edge Pomade You can apply it with every strand as you braid.

Tip #2 Wrap Them Up At Night

Wrapping up your braids at night will help with frizz and allow your braids to last longer. You can use a scarf or a bonnet to cover them right before you head to bed.

Tip #3 Style Them Properly

Putting up your braids in a high bun or ponytail can be a beautiful look but you may want to reconsider this. Doing this can loosen your braids and reduce the amount of time they will stay done. It can also cause problems to your natural hair from all the pulling. It won't hurt to do them once in a while but avoid doing them regularly. Some styles you can consider trying are tying a scarf on your head while having your braids down, doing a loose side braid, or adding some color to your braids.

Tip #4 Wash Your Braids

The longer you have them on the more product buildup and dust your braids will accumulate. It is important to wash them at least once every 2-3 weeks. When washing your braids make sure you are using both a shampoo and a conditioner and getting the product deep into your scalp. Avoid rubbing your braids while getting the product into your hair, rubbing too hard can cause unwanted fizziness. Gently rinse out all of the product out of your hair. Finally, make sure you dry your braids properly before styling them, do not style your braids while still being wet.

Tip #5 Take Them Off When It Is Time

Make sure you do not keep your braids in too long. If you properly take care of your braids they may last you for 6-10 weeks, avoid having them for more than this time. You can always speak to your stylist about how long your braids will last you. You do not want to harm your natural hair and it will also be helpful to have your scalp breathe before getting them done once again.
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